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Dust Jacket Covers (on this site)

Yearbook Covers / Accessories & Yearbook Staff Items (TheYearbookStore.com):
  • yearbook covers
  • yearbook autograph sections
  • yearbook photo pockets
  • printed and engraved nameplates
  • staff t-shirts, pins, and lanyards
Also available at The Yearbook Store:
  • textbook covers
  • hymnal covers
  • custom covers

General Book Covers: From Our Family to Your Front Door

Our unique family business reinvests time and money into the company. We keep our overhead low, and as a result can give you a product of high value for your money.

We give you a quality product with efficient handling and excellent service, at a great price. Period. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

General Book Covers is a family owned and operated company that has existed since the 1950's. Our family takes great pride in creating a quality product for you. Whether you use our product to maintain your personal favorite books, extend a public library collection's longevity, or preserve a collector's item, you can count on quality service.

General Book Covers was founded in 1958 by Howard and Delia Hawley. From their plant on Hennipen Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they manufactured polyester book covers and sold them to libraries and schools throughout the United States.

Several generations and 35 years later, the business was handed down to Dennis Fox and his family, who currently operate General Book Covers. The business now resides just outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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